How does it work?

Best Bar None follows 4 simple steps to achievement and award status. 

Step 1 - Apply to your local coordinator

Step 2 - Assessment - you will be assessed on criteria based on the Licensing Scotland objectives

Step 3 - Judging - a local panel of key partners will judge your scoring booklet in your category 

Step 4 - Awards - a local awards process will provide you with increased business profile, PR and customer recognition

The assessment criteria is based on day to day business practices but with scope for development. Examples are:

  • Prevention of Crime & Disorder - Capacity, Security, Drunkenness, Drugs, Theft, Disorder, Training staff, deterrents for alcohol related crime - drink driving, violence, disorder and how do you deal with incidents on your venue?
  • Protection of Public Safety - First Aid, Glass collection, perimeter checks, Fire Safety, Building Safety, Transport options, Disability
  • Protection of the Environment - Noise, Dispersal from venue, engage with Pub watch or other local initiatives, Litter and waste
  • Promotion of Public Health - Non alcohol options, 125 ml wine options, food options, mental health, sexual health, vulnerability – are staff aware?
  • Protection of Children from Harm -  Challenge age,  underage offences, forged ID - do you know how to deal with and record situations

Award status:

Once your venue has been judged you will be awarded a Bronze, Silver or Gold status

BRONZE - Venue has achieved all "Essential" criteria to evidence their commitment to due diligence and the licensing objectives

SILVER - Venue has achieved Essential plus "Desirable" criteria, demonstrating their commitment to developing the venue above the normal management practices 

GOLD - Venue has achieved, Essential, Desirable and is working towards the "Bonus" criteria which demonstrates their drive for excellence

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