Corbie Inn talks about BBN


After picking up national recognition for its outstanding work in the community, Bo’ness’s Corbie Inn talks about what it means to part of the Best Bar None (BBN) Scotland initiative.

The establishment officially opened on Friday 28 October 2011 and is owned and run by Gail Fairholm, originally from Edinburgh, having moved here about 8 years ago.

With the bar area fully established Gail is now planning to extend the premises to include a restaurant in the near future.

The Corbie Inn became a Best Bar None member in 2013 when it was recognised as a Silver Award holder meeting extensive criteria around its commitment to going above and beyond for its customers and creating a safe and responsible drinking environment.

It retained its Silver Award in 2014 and the following year was upgraded to Gold and consequently put forward for national recognition where it picked up the 2014/15 Heart of the Community Award.

Talking about the benefits of being part of the scheme, Corbie Inn Proprietor, Gail Fairholm, said:

“When we were first approached by BBN we were slightly apprehensive as it sounded like a lot of work to match all the necessary criteria and to be honest we weren’t really sure that we needed it. However, I have to say I am so glad we did.


“Going through the process to become BBN accredited was a great team bonding exercise for us which was a welcome opportunity at the time considering we were a young business.

“It was really useful for the team to work together on issues such as fire safety, police engagement and security, all aspects which are vital to the safe and responsible running of any good licensed venue. Making sure we were up to BBN standards was not only worthwhile but it showed my staff and customers that we know how to put good practice into action.

“One of the best things about becoming part of the BBN scheme is that it motivates us to not only maintain a certain level of standards but to strive to improve upon them.

“We take pride in being able to show off our awards when we get them but it isn’t enough to celebrate reaching that goal you have to keep it going which is why were absolutely delighted when we were eventually recognised with a Gold award and most recently our National Heart in the Community prize.

“We always display and share our successes with the customers as it’s just as much their reward as ours as without them we wouldn’t be able to do what we do.

“In my opinion, when people choose to go out they are looking for a few key things. These include; good food, a nice place to sit and a pleasant environment in which to do so. These days there are plenty of options available and I feel that if a customer chooses my venue then I have a duty of care to that person to make sure they are happy with their choice and feel safe and welcome.

“This is something that the BBN scheme has brought into focus for us and we are always looking forward and making the extra effort to ensure we provide an enjoyable and safe place for people to meet up with friends, family or colleagues. For example, I believe part of the reason we were chosen for the Heart of the Community award was down to the role we have taken up in the local community. We often offer our space for the local ladies Bridge club and Alzheimer’s group and we support a number of local sports teams and youth groups through either sponsorship or any other way we can offer.

“I think because we are very family orientated, offering a relaxing beer garden, play areas and games for child diners, anyone can come in knowing they’ll be welcome any time. Also, as the pub’s reasonably quiet, with no football, bandit machines or jukebox, groups wishing to use the space know they can come in and enjoy the facilities without being bothered.

“All of this work is in line with the ethos of BBN which is focussed on pushing venues to make the effort to look after customers and create a safe and responsible drinking environment.

 I also think the healthy competition which the scheme creates amongst fellow members is a positive way to keep us all striving to continue to improve. 

“Running a pub or any licensed premises is a tough job, it’s relentless and can be a real challenge at times but being part of an organisation with 400 others in the same industry provides a nice feeling of support.


Corbie Inn

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