Falkirk venues raise the bar!

This year’s event was held in City Nightclub, on Sunday 8th January and was hosted by Jojo Sutherland, with comedy from Mark Nelson. This marked the 9th year the awards have been held in the Falkirk area, with over 90 staff from 17 venues attended the awards ceremony. The BBN entrants were presented with a Bronze, Silver or Gold accreditation by Councillor Cecil Meiklejohn. The top scoring venues have now been nominated for the BBN Scotland National Awards being held in March 2017.

This year two new categories were introduced, which were the People’s Choice Award and Overall Winner.  Warehouse scooped the People’s Choice Award, which was promoted on Facebook, and the top scoring venue Sportsters won the Overall Winner Award.

The 2016 winners are:

Artisan Tap                      -                            GOLD

Bar 209                            –                            GOLD

Behind The Wall               –                                GOLD

City Nightclub                    –                               GOLD

Earl of Zetland                   –                               GOLD

Falkirk Stadium                 –                                GOLD

North Star                           –                               SILVER

Sportsters                           –                                GOLD

The Black Bull                     –                               BRONZE

The Canalside                    –                                SILVER

The Carron Works            –                                 GOLD

The Corbie Inn                  –                                 GOLD

The Newmarket Bar       –                                   SILVER

The Outside Inn             -                                  GOLD

The Tolbooth Tavern      –                                   BRONZE

The Wellington Bar          –                                 SILVER

Warehouse                        –                                SILVER

Artisan Tap, Behind the Wall, Sportsters Bar and Falkirk Stadium have all been nominated to represent Falkirk in the BBN Scotland National Awards.

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Sarah McKenzie, BBN Co-ordinator for Falkirk said:

“Best Bar None focuses on customer safety and care and each venue that gains an award has demonstrated that it meets the standards set by the Government and the alcohol industry at a national level.

“We work with our accredited venues and our partner agencies in Police Scotland, the Scottish Business Resilience Centre, Falkirk Delivers and the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service to deliver a safer and welcoming night time experience for customers.

“Anyone looking for a good, safe night out should look out for a Best Bar None venue knowing it has been through a rigorous accreditation process and demonstrated high standards across a range of important criteria.

“I would like to thank those involved for their continued support and to offer my congratulations to all the premises who have taken part this year.”

Image Source - Falkirk Delivers

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