Assessment process for Best Bar None

We’ll look at a range of issues to assess premises taking part in Best Bar None. This can cover things like:

  • Prevention of crime and disorder – How your staff deal with security, drunkenness, drugs, theft, disorder, capacity (when too many people want into your venue), drink driving, violence, disorder and other issues at your venue. We’ll also look at the training you have in place for staff.
  • Protection of public safety – We’ll look at what first aid you have on the premises, your fire and building safety measures, how you collect glasses, help people with disabilities and arrange onward transport for customers.
  • Protection of the environment – We’ll look at things such as how you deal with noise from your venue, dispersal (encouraging people to go home), whether you engage in a local Pub Watch of other initiative, and your approaches to dealing with litter and waste.
  • Promotion of public health – We could look at the non-alcohol options on offer, smaller (125ml) wine options, the food on offer, and staff awareness of issues such as mental and sexual health issues and vulnerable people.
  • Protection of children from harm – Do you challenge people to show they are of a legal age to drink in your premises? How do you deal with forged IDs and underage drinkers? Do you know to deal and record these situations?

Download - Good Practice Booklet - to prepare for your assessment (PDF)

Download - Framework Policies - to prepare for your assessment

Read our page of useful links and resources to help with your assessment


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