Hate Crime - Raise your own Awareness


Hate crime is defined as any crime which is perceived by the victim or any other person as being motivated by malice or ill will towards a social group. Perpetrators of hate crime focus upon demonstrating malice or ill will towards individuals on the basis of their actual or presumed, sexual orientation, transgender identity, disability, race or religion.

Our hope is that by highlighting the impact of hate crime on people’s lives, this may encourage reporting. Providing individuals with knowledge on this subject matter will enable people to be able to identify when a hate crime occurs, and how to report it to the police in order for the police to tackle it.

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How the night time economy can make a difference

As part of our current hate crime campaign Police Scotland in conjunction with our colleagues at the Scottish Business Resilience Centre and other key partners want to raise awareness of the impact of hate crime in our towns and city centres across the country and its effect on the workers and patrons of our vibrant night time economies.

Workers at licensed premises, restaurants, entertainment venues as well as security staff, shop workers, night time transport providers and the customers of all of these businesses and services have, in the past, been the victims of hate crime.

These crimes can take many forms including physical assault, verbal abuse, threatening and abusive behaviour and intimidation.

Whilst alcohol consumption may play a part in a significant number of these crimes that should never be seen as an excuse for this type of criminal behaviour. 

There is no place for hate in Scotland and no one should ever be subjected to a criminal attack because of their race, religion or belief, disability, sexual orientation, transgender identity or simply because of where and when they work.

Our officers will continue to work alongside night time economy workers and our partners in the retail and business community to reduce instances of hate crimes and where they do occur empower workers and patrons to report these crimes to the police. We will also ensure that victims receive appropriate support and advice.

Hate Crime can have a long term negative impact on the victim who has been targeted simply because of their real or perceived association with a particular community. This impact can last way beyond any physical injury sustained. It can also have a very real consequence for the offender who finds themselves accused of a criminal act with a hate crime element to it. If found guilty this is something that will show on their criminal record and may well affect not only them but their family, friends and work colleagues. It could also adversely affect future career prospects.

There are a number of ways hate crime can be reported to Police Scotland:

  •  If the incident is ongoing and there is danger to life or property then use the 999 emergency contact number.


  • If there is no immediate risk or threat and the incident is not ongoing contact Police Scotland on our non-emergency number 101.


  • You can report hate crime directly to us using our online reporting form found on our website.


  • Some victims for a variety of reasons prefer to use a Third Party Reporting Centre to advise the police of a hate related crime or incident. These organisations have had specialist training in dealing with victims of hate crime and are independent of the police. There are TPRs across the country and details of these can be found on our website.


Together we can stamp out hate crime and make our towns and city centres safer places to work in or enjoy a night out. If you see it report it.

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