Important Guidance for pubs, clubs and entertainment venues

We encourage partners in the Licensed Trade to review their security plans and pay particular attention to CPNI’s current advice on its website and extranet. We also draw your attention to the updates and advice on the NaCTSO website. 

 Click this link to take you to the Stay Safe Guidance. - Run Hide Tell 

 Click on this Link for the Counter Terrorism Guidance for Pubs and Clubs document to download fuller guidance with supporting procedures you can consider.



Businesses would expect the police to do everything possible to prevent further attacks and keep them safe. We are flexing our resources to increase police presence at key sites (such as transport and other crowded places) and we are reviewing key events over the coming weeks.

We need businesses to continue to support this effort by ensuring your own staff and buildings are prepared to deal with an attack. 

  • We continue to offer support through Project Griffin and Project Argus.
  • Where you have them, we encourage your security staff to be vigilant and proactive in monitoring your business areas for suspicious activity.
  • Where businesses are co-located, we recommend that you work together to ensure your shared areas are protected.
  • Try and minimise crowds at your business and make sure you are aware of who is coming in and out of your premises.
  • Keep buildings secure where appropriate.
  • Pay attention to areas around exits, especially when large numbers of staff and customers are due to leave


The public can expect to see the military deployed alongside the police at certain locations. This will free up armed officers from some guarding duties to release our officers to support the wider response. This is part of an agreed and well -rehearsed plan and military personnel will remain under the command and control of the police service.

At this time we are asking the public to remain calm but alert. If you see anything that causes you concern, then let us know immediately, if you have suspicions about someone's behaviour call us.

Look out for anything that seems out of place, unusual, or doesn't seem to fit in with day-to-day life. It may be nothing but if you see or hear anything that could be terrorist related trust your instinct no matter how small then ACT and call 999.

Other key points include: 

  • You should also review your building and business continuity plans in the light of this attack. You should ensure that first aid points are fully stocked and the location of key equipment is made clear to all staff.
  • We also recommend that staff are directed to the Citizen Aid app and Run, Hide, Tell on YouTube. The number of casualties successfully treated by the public after recent attacks highlights the importance of understanding first aid.
  • NaCTSO has refreshed its latest guidance on recognising the terrorist threat and we would recommend you access this at 

The following links provide additional useful information that may assist when deploying the tactical options;

You will also be carrying out your own reviews of security levels and some of you will have innovative and new ways of delivering protective security, which you may wish to share with other partners. If you deploying such tactics and are willing to share them, please forward them to NaCTSO who will circulate them. Please contact them on [email protected]




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