New Counter Terrorism - Industry Self Delivery Training replaces Project Griffin

Project Griffin has ceased being delivered as of 16th March 2018

April sees the launch of a new ACT counter-terrorism awareness eLearning product.

Industry Self-Delivery (ISD) launched in 2016 offered a modular package of professional and authoritative guidance for corporate use, enabling company trainers to deliver our CT Awareness package to their own staff at a time that suits them best.

This initiative though initially aimed at larger companies soon welcomed other organisations operating in our crowded places to join the scheme. Today over 400 companies, Local Authorities, NHS Trusts, Universities, with a combined UK workforce in excess of 2,000,000 have now joined this initiative.

However, ISD relied on a front facing PowerPoint method of delivery which was becoming increasingly anachronistic for many companies and its reliance on a USB/DVD format to distribute the product has presented challenges to 21st century firewall technology.    

Industry Self-Delivery will conclude in March and will be replaced by the new eLearning product, ACT CT Awareness eLearning.

ACT CT Awareness eLearning will be launched nationally in April 2018

The eLearning will provide nationally accredited CT guidance to helping industry to better understand and mitigate against current terrorist methodology 

Modules will include:

  • Introduction to Terrorism  
  • Identifying Security Vulnerabilities 
  • How to identify and respond to Suspicious Behaviour 
  • How to identify and deal with a Suspicious Item
  • What to do in the event of a Bomb Threat
  • How to respond to Firearms or Weapons attack 

The registration process will be simplified for new users and existing users will be automatically accepted onto the eLearning scheme.  BBN will update you over coming weeks.

Communities defeat terrorism and with the enduring terrorist threat, it is now more important than ever that everyone plays their part in tackling terrorism. Individual   actions could save lives. 
The latest ACT campaign was launched on the 20th March 2018. 

It encourages the public to help the police tackle terrorism and save lives by reporting suspicious behaviour and activity at  The campaign raises awareness of the different attack planning methods that terrorists might use so the public knows some of the signs to spot and how to report any concerns.  Businesses have been asked to support the campaign by: 

  • Share ACT posters and graphics in your organisation’s building, display screens and public areas;  
  • Place our messages on your organisation’s social media accounts; 
  • Provide a supportive statement from your organisation for the ACT campaign; 
  • Use external newsletters, your website, blogs and other channels to signpost the public to advice on how to report suspicious activity or behaviour that could be terrorist related via  
  • Use staff newsletters and your intranet to signpost internal staff to advice on how to report suspicious activity or behaviour that could be terrorist related via 


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