"Ask for Angela" - The code-word keeping people safe on nights out


Have you ever been out on a date and felt uncomfortable, intimidated or that your date was behaving aggressively towards you? #AskForAngela is a campaign that aims to help you get out of a difficult situation as quickly and safely as possible.

How it works.

If you’re in a pub, bar or club, ask either behind the bar or a member of staff for Angela. Using the simple code-word will alert the staff that there’s an issue with your date and they will help you get out of the situation safely and discreetly. 

Hayley, who works as the sexual violence and abuse strategy co-ordinator for Lincolnshire, said: "Angela was a play on the word (guardian) Angel. The posters are up in male and female toilets, and provide reassurance there is support available if needed."(www.bbc.co.uk)

Best Bar None are supporting #AskForAngela and encourage their venues across Scotland to use this fantastic initiative as part of their social responsibility tool kit.

The scheme has been running for several years in parts of the UK and has been successfully implemented in Kilmarnock, Aberdeen and Dunfermline.

Does #AskForAngela actually work?

There have been a number of reports where women have removed themselves from difficult situations using the #AskForAngela code-word. When talking about an incident the owner of Butlers Venue Bar said:

“I noticed a lad and [the woman] walking quite happily up towards Butlers with no real annotation whatsoever.

“The lad struck up polite conversation with me and one of the door team. A well-mannered polite lad who had, by all accounts, had a great night out.

“Whilst the lad was chatting away, [she] had gone on into Butlers and I was called in”.

The woman explained to the owner that she had been out with friends in Cheltenham when, at some point in the night, she had lost her friends. (www.independent.co.uk)

Why the campaign started

The campaign was created to help women and men escape a date safely and discreetly. The developers behind #AskForAngela realised that sometimes a young woman or man may struggle to leave their date or be too afraid to tell them they wish to end it due to the possible threat of violence or aggression. #AskForAngela is a safer alternative.

We need your help!

Whilst #AskForAngela is catching on, it’s still only being used in a fraction of pubs and bars across Scotland. We need your help to spread the message and promote the campaign so use the #AskForAngela on twitter to let others know!

Best Bar None

National Best Bar None Coordinator Arlene Campbell said “We are fully supportive of this great initiative which has been used in areas in England for some time now. Aberdeen was the first city in Scotland to adopt the scheme and has led the way.

“Ask for Angela” is a great tool for staff and partners to support members of the public on a night out and help customers if they are in a difficult situation.  The last thing we want is for someone to feel vulnerable, so look out for posters in venues, normally found in the toilets or discreet areas, where a venue is supporting the scheme and staff can help you.

Best Bar None venues promote social responsibility and duty of care for their patrons.



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