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Diageo Learning for Life

Best Bar None Scoring Criteria for 2018-19 has been updated to reflect engagement with the Diageo Learning for Life Programme and you can achieve additional Bonus points by supporting the programme (Page 21 of our Scoring Booklet refers).

BBN venues have a great opportunity to work with The Springboard Charity via their ‘Diageo Learning for Life’ programme. The key objective is helping unemployed individuals (sometimes long term unemployed) back into work and into a sustainable and progressive career/industry.
Diageo Learning for Life have helped train over 1000 people since 2014 and are really proud that over 78% of candidates have secured a full time role at a 12 month stage following the programme. Please realise that some of the individuals involved are not fully skilled and are still on a journey of self-improvement, thus there is a combination of both classroom learning as well as practical work experience to maximise the impact the programme has on the candidates.

An overview of the content is below:

  • Candidates will be 18+ with no upper age limit
  • 3 qualifications delivered as per industry feedback - SCPLH, Food Safety Level 2 and World Host Customer Service
  • Delivery of 13 practical skills sessions
  • Masterclasses in Barista, Cocktails, Spirits, Beer & Wine
  • Soft skills such as effective communication and building confidence
  • Skills such as building a digital profile for on line applications and preparation for interviews

The approach is as follows:

  • Candidates will be recruited by Springboard, trained for 4 weeks (5 days a week) and then linked to a business for a work placement.
  • Placements will be over a 2 week period at 30 hours per week.
  • The placements are ‘free’ for the business to sign up to but candidates must always be regarded as an extra member of staff on the rota (not to do the job of one of the current team) and will always be required to be buddied up with an experienced member of staff.
  • Springboard will assess candidate’s suitability to the programme, then match them accordingly to the most appropriate businesses for their needs/strengths/abilities.

Minimum expectations of Business and Management Teams are as follows:

  • Agree to offer work experience and support the candidates (Stewart from Springboard will speaking to businesses a minimum of 1 month prior to course starting)
  • Identify how many candidates they are willing to take (can be more than 1 if they like, some businesses have taken 2 or more before)
  • Agree to meet with candidates approx. week 3 of the programme for quick informal interviews so they can meet the individual face to face
  • If the placement has been a success – interview the candidate for a PT/FT opportunity / apprenticeship opportunity
  • As a minimum provide structured feedback on the candidate and how they performed during the placement this still includes a 2 week placement.

Information for Employers.

The Springboard charity schedule.

For more information contact:

Stewart Fotheringham Business Engagement Manager – The Springboard Charity, Diageo Learning for Life & Special Projects - E: [email protected]

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