Launch of 125 ml Wine Measure Campaign

Launch of 125 ml Wine Measure Campaign


Smaller wine glass sizes in pubs and clubs can help to promote responsible consumption and contribute to positive public health.

The Scottish Alcohol Industry Partnership (SAIP) and Best Bar None Scotland are working together to raise the awareness and promotion of 125ml wine measures within licensed premises.

This new phase of the campaign previously launched by the Scottish Alcohol Industry Partnership, a collaboration of leading alcohol producers and trade associations and the Scottish Government, will see it being  integrated into the Best Bar None Scotland scoring booklets and assessments for 2018. The aim is to encourage venue participation and increase consumer knowledge of the option for smaller wine measures.

Douglas Meikle, Scottish Alcohol Industry Partnership, said:

"The Scottish Alcohol Industry Partnership is delighted to be working with Best Bar None on this initiative to drive the promotion of 125ml wine measures and offer consumers greater choice."

Public Health Minister Mr Fitzpatrick said:

“In 2017 there was enough alcohol sold in Scotland for every adult to drink around 40 bottles of vodka, or more than 100 bottles of wine. This is 40% more than the low-risk weekly guidelines of 14 units of alcohol per adult.

“People often aren’t aware of how much they’re consuming. A large glass of wine can contain more than three units of alcohol so it’s important that people know the smaller measure is available as they aren’t always given the option. I’m really pleased that Best Bar None and the SAIP are supporting this and would encourage all licensed premises to provide 125ml measures, promote responsible drinking and do their bit to help reduce alcohol-related harm across Scotland.”

Arlene Campbell Best Bar None Scotland Lead, said:

"Best Bar None supports the 125ml campaign working with our partners and network of venues across Scotland with this enhanced offer of choice for their patrons. Pubs, Bars, Hotels and venues will be displaying materials about the offering which I would ask customers to look out for and consider their options when out with friends or family. Our venues are assessed on their social responsibility commitments and this campaign forms part of the enhanced standards in support of the Licensing Objective “Protecting and Improving Public Health”. We look forward to rolling out the scheme over coming weeks."


All Best Bar None venues will have access to a Pack of materials including: Posters, Wine Measures, Mirror Vinyl and Staff information for training.

This forms part of the Protecting Public Health Section within your scoring form.


Scottish Alcohol Industry Partnership


The Scottish Alcohol Industry Partnership (SAIP) was formed in February 2007 in recognition of our shared aim to reduce alcohol misuse in Scotland. 

The Scottish Government and the Alcoholic Drinks Industry agreed a number of actions to deliver a long term collaborative approach to tackling alcohol misuse in Scotland. 

The Partnership has functioned and delivered over the past 10 years, achieving its original objectives and effectively progressing individual work streams.

The Scottish Alcohol Industry Partnership (SAIP) is a vehicle for Government and Industry to work together to address the complex issues surrounding alcohol misuse and promote responsible drinking in Scotland.  The Partnership also serves as an industry consultative forum on alcohol legislation.

The Scottish Alcohol Industry Partnership (SAIP) collaborates to deliver joint initiatives to tackle alcohol related harm and promote responsible drinking across Scotland. It is a partnership of alcoholic beverage producers and representatives of the on-trade and off-trade in Scotland


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