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Best Bar None Scotland is keen to work with Club Soda who in association with Heineken 0.0 a core Best Bar None Sponsor are hosting Scotland's first alcohol-free drinks festival in Glasgow on 13th October 2018 at THE BRIGGAIT, 141 Bridgegait, Glasgow, G1 5HZ. 


Club Soda, the mindful drinking movement, will be hosting Scotland’s first alcohol-free drinks festival in Glasgow this October. The Mindful Drinking Festival will give Scottish customers the opportunity to taste new alcohol-free drinks hitting the market including,  alcohol-free beers, spirits, and a host of drinks.

The Mindful Drinking Festival in association with Heineken® 0.0 will feature over 30 brands from Scotland and across the UK, looking to make a big hit with their alcohol-free drinks, and is expected to attract over 2,000 fans, from the sober curious and parents-to-be, to foodies and fitness fanatics. The Festival meets a growing curiosity for healthier low and no-alcohol drinks.

Alcohol Free and Mindful Drinking - read on to learn more.

In light of this growing trend, Heineken® 0.0 has been leading the charge in the low and no alcohol beer category, driven by the great taste of their no-alcohol beer, and the fact it only has 69 calories per bottle.

Club Soda is the UK’s Mindful Drinking Movement. They support individuals to rethink their drinking habits, have built an online guide featuring the best pubs and bars for mindful drinkers, and curate the best alcohol-free drinks at the Mindful Drinking Festivals. Club Soda already has over 1,000 Scottish members who are actively changing their drinking habits.

  • One in five drinkers in Scotland are looking to reduce the amount they drink (that’s 650,000 people)1 and there are a million Scots who don’t drink at all
  • Sales of low and no-alcohol drinks are at an all-time high3 thanks to brands like Heineken® 0.0.
  • Scotland  is sober curious: Almost a fifth of UK drinkers say they are cutting down on their drinking – that’s over 650,000 people in Scotland (source: page 53 of the Drinkaware monitor 2017; 18% of the UK drinking population say they are changing their drinking habits right now).
  • From the Office for National Statistics Adult drinking habits in Great Britain dataset: Table 11 says 21.4% of Scots are teetotal, multiplied by Scotland’s adult population of 4.6 million.
  • In the UK, sales of low and non-alcoholic beer grew by 20.5% over the 12 months to July 2017.
  • A full press pack with everything you need for background, photos, facts and figures can be found here: and pictures can be found here and are free to use.
  • What is Mindful Drinking? Hell, we are not stick in the muds! You could be on a diet, cutting down on booze, or just not drinking tonight, but still want to have something nice to pair with your meal.
  • Club Soda is a mindful drinking movement that helps people change their drinking, whether they want to do a sober sprint, drink more mindfully, or go alcohol-free. Visit – we are available for quotes, case studies, information and advice for your articles all year round.



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