Student Safety #BE LIKE ALEX


There are 5 key safety areas that we want to highlight to students this year.

  • Home/Property Safety - Think about your level of security – are there working locks on doors and windows? Ensure you close them every time you go out.
  • Online Safety - Always use passwords or PINS on mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.
  • Party/Out and About Safety - Stick with friends and don’t leave parties or nights out with strangers – if you’re going home by taxi, call in advance and book one.
  • Online Safety - You wouldn’t give your personal details to a stranger in the street, so don’t do it online. Use privacy settings on social networking sites and think carefully about who you make an online friend.
  • Rape - Sex without consent is rape.

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Home Safety

Take care when arranging accommodation – don’t leave yourself open to fraud and find you’ve nowhere to live when you arrive.  Properly research any potential property #BeLikeAlex.

#BeLikeAlex and record details of all your valuable and mobile property, including phones, laptops, camera and tablets at [Post alongside Property GIF]

Alex knows it’s important to check all doors and windows are locked before leaving the house #BeLikeAlex.

Online Safety

What goes online stays online – don’t leave yourself open to criminal charges or vulnerable to blackmail.  Think carefully about what you’re saying and pictures you are posting on social networking sites #BeLikeAlex

Alex knows how important it is to keep all digital accounts password protected. Visit our website for tips and tricks on how you can ensure you set strong passwords to protect yourself online #BeLikeAlex

Identity Safety

Alex is aware of the importance of keeping sensitive documents and items like passports or driving licences secure in order to prevent identity theft. Visit our website for more info #BeLikeAlex.

Alex was checking bank statements and noticed an unusual transaction. Alex knows to call the bank immediately to inform them and allow them to investigate #BeLikeAlex and always report any suspicious activity to your bank even if it is only for a small amount.

Personal Safety

Alex makes sure to stick to well-lit areas when walking home at night #BeLikeAlex

Visit our website for more information

#BeLikeAlex when booking a taxi, only use licensed private hire/taxi firms and make sure the vehicle pulling up is definitely your hire before you get in.

Party Safe

Alex plans how to get home from a night out before heading out #BeLikeAlex

Visit our website for more information.

If you leave a drink unattended then don’t go back to it #BeLikeAlex


Alex understands consent and knows without consent is rape #BeLikeAlex


Alex knows that possessing illegal drugs can have lifelong consequences. Don’t jeopardise your future #BeLikeAlex


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