The Woodside, Hamilton

The Woodside supporting their customers

In July this year the great work of caring staff undoubtedly saved the life of a customer who came into their bar.  The man's demeanour immediately  raised concerns with staff, when he approached the bar he stated he didn’t want a drink but asked them to call a family member.

Geraldine the owner contacted the family who said they could not come to help, as they were at work and couldn’t deal with the situation, the man then went onto say he was suicidal and was going home to kill himself....

Geraldine then sat him down and spoke with him, she contacted NHS 24 on his behalf and liaised with them.  They told her they would make an appointment for the following day for the male to attend and the man could go home.. Not happy with this Geraldine was very reluctant to let him leave contacted the police.  When the police arrived they were made aware of the situation by Geraldine and spent time at the premises speaking with the customer.  The man was then taken home and arrangements were made for a CPN to attend. 

It was later established that the male was an alcoholic and was estranged from his family and recently his wife, he was in temporary accommodation and was unable to cope with the situation. When he entered The Woodside that day looking for help he luckily met Geraldine and her staff who showed great empathy and humanity to help someone in distress and potentially saved his life.

The Woodside is a Best Bar None Heart of the Community venue and the work of Geraldine and her staff should be commended in supporting their community. 

Thank you from the National Best Bar None Team for leading by example and supporting your customers above and beyond...and demonstrating excellent customer awareness. 





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