Drink smart this Christmas - consider a 125ml measure this festive season

The Christmas party season is now in full swing, and more and more of us will be going out to enjoy a good night with friends and colleagues. Best Bar None Scotland supports the 125ml measure campaign which promotes sensible drinking and aims to give people a greater choice on a a night out.


The 125ml wine measure campaign is a voluntary initiative which aims to tackle alcohol related harm and promote responsible drinking in Scotland by encouraging outlets to make the 125ml measure of wine more widely available to customers in pubs, bars, clubs, hotels and restaurants across Scotland.

Best Bar None Scotland is urging all venues across Scotland to support the 125ml wine measure campaign now and demonstrate your business’ support for promoting and improving public health by giving your customers greater choice.

Best Bar None Scotland's National Lead, Robert Hogg, says: ""Best Bar None supports the 125ml campaign working with our partners and network of venues across Scotland with this enhanced offer of choice for their patrons. Pubs, Bars, Hotels and venues will be displaying materials about the offering which I would ask customers to look out for and consider their options when out with friends or family."

For more information visit: http://www.125mlwine.org/ 

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